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Indoor Displays

Sky Jewel Fireworks is one of the first fireworks display companies to bring the latest technologies of Pyro Simulation (Cold Spark) to Canada. This amazing product lets you bring simulated fireworks displays to almost any indoor venue. Now your indoor wedding, sporting event, birthday party, or corporate event can experience the wonder of indoor pyrotechnics without the traditional pyro risks.

Add Drama To Your Event

Does your venue have a “no fireworks” policy? No problem, indoor cold sparking machines do not combust and are a completely safe option. We will work with your venue or event planner to include them as part of your event entertainment.

Make Them Dance To Music

Pair indoor pyro with music, and you’ve got a show! We can program the fireworks to any song adding patterns, effects, and setting the sparks to different heights to hit those high points in the music.

Indoor & Outdoor

If your event takes place both indoors and outdoors, you don’t need two different machines. Cold sparking machines can be used virtually anywhere to light up the night or make an exciting entrance.

Completely Safe & Legal

These indoor display machines are not considered pyrotechnic devices as per the Explosives Act and Regulations governed by Natural Resources Canada. Plus, we have done our own independent validation with the local fire departments and municipalities.

The Sky Jewel Fireworks Difference

Sky Jewel takes care of every detail. From our diligence and outside testing, to our commitment to only using pyro simulation machines that are evaluated by CSA to the requirements of the Model Code SPE-1000, our customers know that they will have a worry-free, spectacular event that is sure to awe and impress every guest.


For more information about Indoor Displays, Outdoor Fireworks Displays or Special F/X for your event and want to make memorable and provide that extra little sparkle, fill out the form below or give Sky Jewel Fireworks a call today.