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Indoor Pyro

YES! These sparks will not burn you! It is so safe that you can even put your hand through the sparks!

This is a revolutionary technology that does not use any combustible or hazardous material. It has many built-in safety features and gives you complete peace of mind at close proximities.

YES! This has been evaluated by Natural Resources Canada and does not fall under the Explosives Act and Regulations.

We have validated the use of these cold sparking machines with many local Ontario fire departments. All of our units are authentic and CSA/TUV evaluated. Be cautious of off-shore knock-offs.

ABSOLUTELY YES! This is a completely safe alternative to proximity pyrotechnics. We can talk to your event planner and/or venue to make this happen.

You can use our indoor fireworks cold sparking machines for events such as Introductions, First Dance, Speeches, Weddings, Sports Events, Corporate Events, Photo Opportunities (with your cake or with your family and friends), during the Dance Party.

We can use these devices anywhere where traditional pyrotechnic devices could not be used.

BOTH! We can use the cold sparking machines at almost every venue, big or small, inside or outside.

YES! We can program the sparks to music and create different effect patterns and different heights.

This depends on your creativity and your event needs. Contact us with more of your event details for a free quote.

Outdoor Pyro

Maybe, an assessment of the weather conditions will determine if the show will go on. We are able to fire in the rain, but we will always put safety first and will not compromise the safety of the spectators, staff and venue.

General FAQ

This depends on your budget, the type of fireworks used and the duration of the show.

We will work with you to get the best value for your dollar.

Yes, a 25% deposit is required upon booking.

Yes. Sky Jewel Fireworks has a $5 million general liability insurance policy for every show we perform.

A few things to consider for your fireworks display

  • Check to see if your venue allows fireworks. If you have your heart set on fireworks, bear this in mind when you search for a venue or talk to us about indoor pyro.
  • If the event is at home or a private residence, let your neighbours know.
  • Don’t let the outdoor fireworks display run on too long in the colder months. Remember that guests are to go outside to watch the show. A shorter more intense display can create a better impact.
  • Let your photographer and/or videographer know that you plan on having fireworks.
  • Check to see if they have experience taking photos of fireworks and that they will still be there when it goes off. Not only will the display be a truly memorable event for you and your guests but in the hands of a good photographer, you will get some fabulous shots too.


For more information about Indoor Displays, Outdoor Fireworks Displays or Special F/X for your event and want to make memorable and provide that extra little sparkle, fill out the form below or give Sky Jewel Fireworks a call today.